PLAUSTAJNER law office has a long tradition, following a heritage of an attorney’s tradition of the Hrašovec family. The law office of Dr. Milko Hrašovec was carried on by Konrad Plaustajner. Doc. dr. Konrad Plaustajner founded the Law Office Plaustajner in 1970, first in Žalec, and then 1973 he took over the law office of dr. Milko Hrasovec in Celje. After 34 years of working in Celje, the Law Office Plaustajner has been operating in Ljubljana since 2007 and was taken over by Petja Plauštajner in 2022. Plaustajner Law Office has more than 50 years of its own tradition and experience.

As a boutique law office, Law Office PLAUSTAJNER, with the involvement of young, European-oriented and highly-educated lawyers, we combine tradition with the present and look to the future. This is based on specialised knowledge, providing our clients with an individual and personal approach to the resolution of their case, as well as on a commitment to the core ethical values and mission of the legal profession. All these are our guiding principles in our daily work.